ASICMiner Block Erupter Cube Setup

ASICMiner Block Erupter Cube Setup

Setup Help Video!


An easy guide to helping you get this thing up and running.

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This guide is meant to help you get your cube up and running. Portions of this guide are from BitcoinTalk

First thing is first check your Block Erupter for any loose or missing screws when it arrives this can be done by removing the front and back so you can unplug the can and slide the block out and check each card individually.

Section 1) Powering
Most Block Erupter Cubes do not come with a PSU (Power Supply Unit), but if it does it should be at least 600watts in order to properly power the cube. The PSU only needs to have two 6PIN PCI-E connectors in order to power one cube.

In order to power your PSU without having it plugged into a motherboard you will need to bridge two connections as shown below you can use another as long as it is metal and MAKE SURE your PSU is unplugged when bridging you might shock yourself.

Cube Power Consumption:
~200W Low Clock
~280W High Clock.

Section 2) Cooling
The fan installed inside the cube should be enough to keep the blades cool you can always add a table fan to help blow the hot air out.

Section 3) Configuration

  • Power on your cube.
  • Hook an Ethernet cable up to the cube directly from your router or two wire router.
  • Make sure your router’s IP address format is like this for example: or something similar.
    • If your router’s default IP is not in a 192.168.1.x fashion you will have to change it. So for NETGEAR this is done by logging into your router going to the advanced tab and than going to “LAN Setup” than changing the IP address from the default to “”. Than click save everything in your router will adjust computer IP addressed will change (Including Port Forwards) and the cubes will start showing on the network.
  • Open your browser and visit:
  • After opening the cube control panel changing the last part of the IP “254” to “200”. This will keep any additional cubes from conflicting with the default address. If you have another cube just after you plug it up change it’s IP to the next in line like “201”.
  • Now Download the stratum proxy since the default mining method of the cubes is the old getwork method.
  • On the blade configuration page, enter the IP of the computer with the stratum proxy on as the server address. Enter it twice as the blade needs two pools to start mining, example “,” (This means enter the IP that your router assigned to the computer that will be running the proxy.)
  • The default username, and password will mine at Slush’s pool. To change it continue reading.
  • Set clock to high by hitting change clocks

If you want to change pool, create a .bat file in notepad. Just save it as .bat in the file name. Move the stratum proxy to the location provided and put the following text inside for eu btcguild. Change pool port and address as required.

cd C:Program Files (x86)Proxy
mining_proxy.exe -o -p 3333

Configuration should look like this:




Section 4) Troubleshooting

Three or more “x” in a row on “Chips”: The corresponding power lane does not work or is not supplying enough voltage. Try measuring each power lane to find the dysfunctional lane and tuning it higher. If it doesn’t work please ask us to send you a new power module.

More than two “x” scattering on “Chips”: Some of the chips could not work on high clock in the current voltage. Try tuning the voltage of the whole power module a little higher. If it doesn’t work please downclock to Low.

The blade misreports the hashrate to a very high number but hashes at a very low speed: Most probably it’s the problem with the ethernet controller. Try hardware-rest it as shown in the online user guide. If it doesn’t work please ask us to send you a new ethernet controller. It may also be caused by the mis-functionality of the hashing board. If you bought more than one blades, try using other functional cube’s Ethernet controller to test if it becomes OK. If not contact whoever you bought the cube from.

All or most chips are “O” but the efficiency is very low: This happened on two or three blades on our former products. Most probably it’s some shortcuts on some of the chips’ communication pins. If should not happen but if it does contact the seller you bought the cube from.

My PSU cables are braided or aren’t color coded: See below diagram for pin-outs.


You are liable if any damages occur or you get hurt not I or “we”.

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42 thoughts on “ASICMiner Block Erupter Cube Setup”

  1. I highly recommend this guide as it’s put together better and has everything you need to know to get to the config screen of the cube. I was reading some other persons that was recommended by no less than 40 people and I was stuck for 8 hours trying everything. Of course that person who wrote that one stated that “Don’t plug anything into the onboard USB connector”!!!! After going through 3 routers and 3 different cubes along with 2 different power supplies, it turns out that YOU DO plug up the USB port back to the pc you are setting it up with! Looking on the net, seems 2 to 3 people are telling others not to do that! Thanks for bringing my sanity back from the brink! …Randy

    1. I don’t really think this is correct Randy. It does not come with a USB cable for you to plug and play with & all seller’s and guides I’ve seen say the USB port is for firmware updates only and so far my cubes have been hashing for weeks and weeks at at time on just an Ethernet cable.

    1. I don’t see why you couldn’t solo mine, but unless you hold 1% or more of the total network hashing power than I would not “recommend” it. Not saying you should not attempt it because by all means it depends on luck you could start mining with one of these get a block right away and earn $20,000… or you could be like most people and never get anything unless you have more than 1% of total network hashing power which the current total network hash rate right now is 26358.63 Terahashs so 0.01*26358.63=263.5863 So 263.5863 Terahashs is currently 1% of the total network rate. That is a lot. If you managed to match that 1% you would be earning $23,503.46/day. So I hope I answered your question Michael! 🙂 As far as the technical aspect of doing it I’ll look into that I’ve tried solo mining before and got kind of confused and so I just have stuck with pool mining.

  2. I’ve had my cube for about a week and have been trying to get to the configuration page. So far I have been unsuccessful. I’ve tried everything in the tutorial as well as other tutorials, such as Dogies guide on, Dominic Steils guide, and I keep getting a Timeout error for the page. So far, the only thing I’ve managed to do is crash my internet. I know some other ppl have had the same issue, but what was your fix? I have Centurylink, so I don’t know if anyone else had to setup their cube the way I am having to. I’m out of ideas. Please help, thanks!

    1. I have no experience with CenturyLink routers but from what you have said I think I can help & if need be I’ll personally connect to your computer and fix the problem myself for free :).

      *The timeout error is usually due to the cube not being fully started, powered, connected, or your router is assigning IP’s not native to the cube. By native I mean the cube is designed to take IP address in this format 192.168.1.XXX:8000 Is if your is 192.169.1.XXX:8000 <-- THIS WILL NOT WORK! So to fix this you must change your default IP address format to and let your router assign IP addresses based off that. After you change this if you have a tab where you can view connected devices the cube should show up and you should be able to connect to it via I hope this helps!

      1. Just so everyone knows I remote connected into Ed’s computer and eventually discovered after changing his IP4 address to the correct format 192.168.1.XXX that his default cube IP was it was second hand so the previous owner did not change it back to default. After I discovered this I did what I could and disconnected so Ed could awake to find it working for the most part.

    1. I approved your comment just to inform you that you are incorrect. It is not a straight copy and paste, and credit is given to the original thread unless you missed that part.

    1. Restart your router. If that don’t work restart your router, computer, and than the cubes. Had the same problem happen recently. Sometimes after you restart your router it reassigns a different IP to your computer which runs the proxy so you just got to adjust those settings on the cube. Hope this helps and let me know if your still having trouble.

    1. Right well I searched for an answer to this problem as well and the only thing that has worked for me was restarting things, and adjust the HOST IP in the cubes if your router reassigns a different IP to lets say your desktop running the program.

  3. Can someone help me? If i connect the cube to my PC i can access the webinterface of the cube. So i made the correct IP config.


    Port of the cube: 8000

    But if plug in the cube to my fritzbox (german router) i cant access the interface.

    1. The router has to have the 192.168.1.X configuration If not it won’t work. If it DOES have that configuration than it could be that you need to port forward port 8000 maybe.

  4. Hi David,

    I’m having some difficulties with my 4 ASIC Block Erupter Cubes. I purchased them brand new and also purchased 4 600w PSU’s. I now know that the 4 PSU’s were a bit overkill. Nevertheless i’ve been reading a few guides on setup and have been able to get to the screen for configuration, but after that i try to change settings and I honestly just get very confused. Its not the guides, its my concentration mainly. Any advice on another guide that has more set by step configurations, or even someone i can give details to about my setup and mining pool info and they come up with a dummy guide? Thanks in advance for your help.

    1. Was the video not so helpful? Well a few things to note… The “Pool Address” is the IP repeated twice with a “,” in between them of the computer that will be running the proxy. Primary DNS is just Mask does not change, and the IP on the first field it just the IP of the cube you can change it to whatever you want.

  5. Thank you for sharing your info. I really appreciate your efforts and I am
    waiting for your further write ups thank you once again.

  6. Hi there.Everythings fine with the cube,it s set up already but the proxy is not starting on linux.Using Kubuntu (funny thing,the windows proxy is starting but i can t use .bat files).
    Error reads like this :

    hulkus@hulkus-LAP:~/stratum_proxy/slush0-stratum-mining-proxy-33e645d$ ./ -o -p 3342
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “./”, line 51, in
    from stratum import settings
    ImportError: No module named stratum

    Any ideas ?


    1. Not sure about Linux I only got a little bit of experience with it. For windows make sure the .bat files are being ran as Administrator.

  7. david, can you help me, I have tried everything I could think of watching all videos and reading online. I cant seem to get my cube hashing. Im sure I havnt entered the correct info for it. It also seem to pull up better on google instead of explorer

  8. I am living in a college dorm and instead of giving us routers we have simple ethernet outlets. Would I be able to connect the ASIC ethernet directly from the outlet or would I have to purchase my own router?

        1. Just because a router gives you more local control over connections and IP addresses and how you can configure, and assigns those. Last I remember when I set-up my cube I had to know the local IP.

          1. Thanks. Also, I have a laptop that I use for school and need to carry it around most of the days. If i want my rig to be running 24/7 will I need a separate monitor?

          2. If it is a desktop replacement a monitor would be nice, but you said you carry it around most days so I don’t see why a monitor would make a difference. If you want your laptop to always be running just keep the charger hooked up to it.

          3. No the cube does not need a monitor to continue running 24/7. You access the cubes over the network. So as far as I remember they just need an ethernet cable hooked up to them. So to access them you just open a browser and go to their network address using chrome or IE or something.

  9. David thank you for the great guide, Im pretty new to this, currently have 3 cubes, my question is how exactly does this links with my wallet when hashing?

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