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Space Marine Tools

Space Marine Tools

These files were very hard to find considering they were all originally hosted on Rapidshare, but they are long but gone. So today is your lucky day I have the tools here to download.

If you’re not sure what these tools included are well. They allow you to extract models and textures from the Warhammer 40k Space Marine game. Includes the 3DS Max script for importing. Readme files are included.

These tools are the same tools as seen from this link.

Download Space Marine Tools

Santos Tools 2

Santos Tools 2 V0.6.0.0

I had trouble finding this so I made a mirror here on my site.

“Santos Tools 2 is a collection of tools for Dawn of War 2. It’s main purpose is to allow editing existing models and to create new ones. Tools provide import and export scripts for 3D Studio MAX, as well as separate application called Model Editor for editing models and their accompanying files.”

Download Santos Tools

Software for generating normal maps

Software for generating normal maps


There are lots of software for generating normal maps, and various other maps needed or wanted so that you can apply them to your models and achieve better visual results.

The problem is that some work better than others, and some cost money while others are free.

Today I’ll be going over a list of a few different software packages I’ve found that seem to be popular, and work well for the intended purposes.


This is a free software package that you can use to create normal maps. It is regularly updated, and is used by lots of professionals.


This is a neat piece of free software that you can use to combine normal maps. I could see this being very handy.

Nvidia Normal Map Creator

I’ve used this tool before and it seems pretty good. I’ve never done anything extensive with it though. It is free in any case.

ssBumpGenerator (Source Engine Only)

This is a free software for creating bump maps in the source engine. (Valve likes to think their special).

NormalMapOnline (Super Cool)

This is one of my favorites. This is a totally free online map generator. It can generate four different types of maps, but sadly it cannot generate maps from photos. The author says he is pretty busy and more donations would help him spend more time to work on it. Otherwise you got to use your own heightmap.


This site has some errors on it, but this is a free software suite for creating various maps.


This is an older piece of software that was created by allegorithmic the guys behind Substance Designer/Painter. It is free software, and it really powerful so it might be worth a look. Note though it is old, and not really support much anymore.

SmartNormal (Online)

This is another online normal map generation tool. This one unlike the other lets you use photos, but as far as I can tell it JUST makes normal maps.

nDo (Not nDo2)

nDo is a powerful normal map creation script for Photoshop.

Out of everything I’ve mentioned the one program I recommend. Which is also the one program I happened to pay for, and is not free, but is pretty cheap is MindTex. It is a very cheap successor (i’d say) to crazybump.

I hope you guys enjoyed my list, and I hope you helped at least one of you guys out. As always please link back to us at It helps.

How to use FileZilla

How to use FileZilla


FileZilla is a free FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client. FTP is a method for download or uploading files to a server. FTP works in a few different ways, and has unsecure, and secure protocols within.

Today though were just going to mainly show you how to use FileZilla so you can upload some files to your server. We will be demonstrating using the dedicated server this site is hosted on.

This guide also assumes you have FileZilla installed. If you don’t than you can download it here: Download FileZilla. It is pretty self explanatory on how to install it.

How to use FileZilla

1) Locate Site Manager

First thing you will want to do is simply add your site! Before you can do that though you will need to open up the site manager. It is located in the upper left hand corner. If your having trouble just refer to the below picture.


2) Add Your Site!

Now I’ve grayed a few things out, but I’ll explain it all! When you open the site manager you will see what you see below. You will want to click “New Site” and a new one will populate the list on the left. Name your site so that you can identify it later. The settings on the right side are the settings associated with the currently highlighted site on list located on the left hand side.

The settings are pretty easy. Host is simply really that is all there is to it. Than for Logon Type you will want to make sure it says normal (it says Anonymous by default). After that enter your cPanel username and your cPanel password. If all is well hit connect!

site-managerIf you happen to get any errors it will most likely be because of an incorrectly typed username or password. Double check your spelling on how you typed your site into the host section as well.

Connecting to a server via SFTP – SSH

Follow the same procedures except on the host slot you will need to put the server IP address. The Protocol should be SFTP, and Logon Type should be normal. Once you try connecting it will ask you to trust the credentials. Hit yes, and your into your server directly using FileZilla.

The best way to clean your monitor

The best way to clean your monitor


So many people including myself have long wondered, and asked the question what is the best way to clean a monitor? No real answer have ever truly dazzled me or likely yourself.

Most people just opt to get something like the Zeiss cleaning wipes which are inexpensive small wipes for screen, lens, and the store.

I discovered that one of the best ways to clean a monitor is with toilet paper, and water. Your probably pretty confused, but it’s true this is what I have found to work the best.

Toilet paper actually should be an obvious choice if you think about it. It is non-abrasive, and pretty absorbent. Toilet paper is soft, and not meant to hurt you let alone your screen. It might leave behind a few specks of dust from the paper which can easily be removed, but for the price of this cleaning option who would complain about something as simple as that.

Now this is not all I use. I have given in and bought those packs of Zeiss wipes from Wal-Mart. They work exceptionally well, are non-abrasive, and leave nothing behind. I find myself usually having to use between 3 and six wipes to clean a full size 22 inch monitor that has collected a fair amount of dust, with some hand prints, and some liquid specks from water, soda, or anything.

After I finish with the wipes I might go over it all with a small amount of toilet paper, and i’ll end up with a nice squeaky clean monitor.

You can also use the methods I just described to clean other things too like your smartphone, glasses, tablet, and just about anything else with a screen.

I hope you guys enjoyed this article, and as always check back at for more news, articles, posts, and updates.

How to use f.lux

How to use f.lux


Download f.lux for free.

The program f.lux is suppose to reduce eye strain by changing the brightness and color of your monitor. If your curious as to why you would want to use this program the reason is that we are not meant to see the sun after it sets. LCD’s and other types of monitors with their bright white light simulate the sun making it difficult for you to sleep after using your computer at night.

This is where f.lux shines and helps you rest better. It is suppose to pretty much simulate fire or natural light. A candle is not the sun, and your body knows this so what f.lux can do it simulate candle light being emitted from your monitor helping you sleep after your done using it.

f.lux has many options for night lighting, I’ll list them here.

  • 1200k: Ember
  • 1900k: Candle
  • 2300k: Dim Incandescent
  • 2700k: Incandescent
  • 3400k: Halogen
  • 4200k: Fluorescent
  • 5000k: Sunlight

As you can see f.lux has many light modes. It also has Darkroom mode, and Movie mode. My personal favorite night-time lighting option is Incandescent. It is not too yellow, and is not too bright either. Ember makes everything pretty much yellow and if you need to identify color you won’t want this option.

I would only recommend going as low as Dim Incandescent anything lower, makes it hard to identify colors properly though the eye strain reduction is pretty nice.

The program also is able to go into Safe Mode which as far as I can tell just removes the background transparency.

There is an extra’s button which lets f.lux take control of Philips hue lights which is an amazing feature! I don’t have a Philips monitor or lighting system, but I’m sure it is incredible.

So all in all get f.lux it is free, and helps you sleep better by reducing night-time eye strain.

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KeePass 2 Quick Setup Guide

keepass2KeePass 2
Quick Setup Guide

KeePass 2 is a lightweight software designed to help you keep your passwords safe among other things.


So if your here or got this far you either want to learn more about KeePass 2 or simply want to know how to use it. Well for starters it looks like the above image after opened and a database is established which we will go over.

Your First Database – (After Initial Install)

After the initial install, and configuration you will likely want to create your first database. Once you start the program you go to “File” in the top left choose a name for your database for this article I choose “test”. For my actual database I simply made one called “master”.


 Composite Master Key

On the below image you have a few options here to secure your database. You can choose a combination between a password, a keyfile, and or the Windows user account. I simply did the password because yes my database is important to me, but I don’t feel like I need the other security options.


 Database Settings

Database Settings is where you can pick the internal name of your database add a description, and edit a few other more in depth options. For most people though the default will be fine. So you can just click “OK” on this part.


 Add Entry

After everything is said and done click a category on the left than in the right side section right click, and select add entry this will allow you to type in all the information related to the your entry. This makes it very easy to organize and secure all your passwords.


I hope you all enjoyed my quick and simple set-up guide for KeePass 2.

CCleaner Guide


CCleaner (Free Edition)

The Guide

CCleaner is one of the many tools I use to maintain my computer’s integrity. CCleaner is a lightweight piece of software aimed at removing junk from your computer, and maintaining registry integrity. The free edition has always been enough for me and I see no reason to upgrade, but many make the move to upgrade due to the extra features, but this article will focus only on what the free edition can do and how it can help you.


So first lets take a look at what you will see after you install CCleaner.


The Cleaner Tab


So when you start the program you will be on the Cleaner tab. Here you can go through and check everything you want to be cleaned or otherwise be deleted because in the computer world cleaning is usually deleting. I myself as you see in the above screenshot check every thing in the Windows tab and the Applications tab except for any boxes on Google Chrome located in the Applications tab. I also DO NOT check the “Wipe Free Space” box located on the Windows tab at the very bottom. You should never have to use this option unless you have files that you “deleted” that you never want to be recovered since when you delete a file you don’t actually “delete” it. You simply instruct windows that where that file was once located can now be overwritten with other data so eventually the file will be unrecoverable. Last but not least when your ready to clean you can click “Run Cleaner” I usually never analyze unless I’m using the program on someone else’s computer.

The Registry Tab


The Registry tab allowed you to remove entries from your computer’s registry which have become invalid, or have issues related to what they refer to. This is essentially one of the reasons the Windows OS slows down over time among other things such as your hard disk being too full or very old age. I find it best to check EVERY box on this tab and than scan for issues. After the scan is complete you can elect to “Fix selected issues…”. It will ask you if you would like to back-up your registry entries you are about to delete in-case a problem accrues you can go to the file you backed up and double click it to add the deleted registry entries back into your registry. I usually say no to this option simply because I’m a risk taker, and I’ve actually never experienced a problem with deleting registry entries CCleaner has detected. This coupled with Window’s internal “Self Healing” you should not run into a problem. After you have deleted all registry issues than you might start seeing an improvement in performance especially if you have never done this. In the screenshot I took I only had 19 problems, but when I first used CCleaner I had over 1,000 problems. Removed the invalid registry entries allowed my computer to navigate the registry quicker with less entries thus speeding my computer up.

The Tools Tab


The gist of this tab

The tools tab is a very useful tab but if your a computer guru you already know that the tools included in this tab are essentially all things you can find in Windows by default be consolidated in this program all in one easy to find place. However if I need to uninstall a program or modify my start-up programs I usually open CCleaner and use this tools tab simply because it is easier.


To you got a few options here the Uninstall tab which should be pretty straight forward the big advantage here is that you can rename and delete entries this is useful if a program is in fact uninstalled but the entry will not remove itself from the uninstall list.


This tab allows you to enable, disable, and delete the entries telling which programs to start when Windows starts. If you can stop a program from starting by doing it through the programs preferences its best to do it there but you can also do it in CCleaner if you wish. Some more need things about this tab is it allows you to see what schedules task will be running, and can enable, disable, and delete applications from starting in other programs like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and so on. You can even modify the Context Menu which is the menu that appears when you right click with your mouse.

The File Finder

Well this one is pretty straight forward specify your options and it will search the elected locations for files matching those parameters.

System Restore

This tab allows you to pick restore points, and roll back to that restore point. I usually have restore points disabled to have more storage space.

Driver Wiper

This tab should be used with extreme caution. This tab allows you to wipe free space or completely remove all data from a storage location. It also gives you a very unique options list called “Security”. This allows you to pick how many “delete” passes or overwrite passes it will make on the same sectors to make sure the data is deleted. Essentially if you have a USB drive with data that must be deleted, and never recovered not even by the leading data recovery forensic scientist than choosing the highest option will make sure nothing on the drive will ever be recovered.

I hope you enjoyed my article about CCleaner, and as always come back to see us and check for new updates, articles, guides, and downloads.