Da Vinci 1.0 AiO Software Repository

Da Vinci 1.0 AiO Software Repository

Since the repository for the 1.0 has been so popular I decided to create one for the 1.0 AiO. I don’t have all the links so please post links below so I can get the older newer software of XZYWare for the 1.0 AiO.

Disclaimer: This page is not selling anything and is not infringing on XYZprinting. This is just a place to download older or newer versions of the XYZWare software, and firmwares.

Providing download links in the comments to unlisted or listed items without mirrors is appreciated!

Original SD Card Content

Download (No Mirror Yet)

Da Vinci 1.0 AiO Firmware

None at the moment.

XYZWare (Windows)

Note: I do not have all the XYZWare software posted for the 1.0 AiO because I am not sure if the older software is compatible. To download older versions than the ones listed refer to the 1.0 page here. https://md5live.com/da-vinci-1-0-software-repository/

XYZWare – (Automatically attempts to upgrade firmware)
Release Date – 11/25/2014

XYZWare – (Unsure if safe – Might attempt to upgrade firmware automatically)
Release Date – 01/15/2015

XYZScan (Windows)

XYZScan – 1.2.3
Release Date – 12/03/2014

XYZScan – 1.2.5
Release Date – 12/12/2015

XYZWare (Mac)

XYZWare – 1.0.9
Release Date – Unknown

XYZWare – 1.1.0
Release Date – Unknown

XYZWare – 1.1.1
Release Date – 12/03/2014

XYZScan (Mac)

XYZScan – 1.0.3
Release Date – 11/27/2014

XYZScan – 1.0.4
Release Date – 12/05/2014

11 thoughts on “Da Vinci 1.0 AiO Software Repository”

  1. Only the postet AIO software is for 1.0A. If you open the bin File with Notepad you can see it at the end. But I need the firmware for the AIO …

  2. do anyone have a firmware to a AIO the 1.1.3 do not work on my printer need to get it back to stock it was 1.1.6

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