Decrypt WordPress Passwords

WordPress Password Decrypt

Decrypt WordPress Passwords

Well our expert Mathew Warner had this information to say about the topic MySQL & WordPress passwords decryption. Both sections contain the same initial information continue further down for more information concerning this pages topic in more detail itself.

Mathew Warner’s 2 Cents:

1-Way Encryptions

1-Way encryptions use salts. A salt is just something thrown into the password to make it harder for someone to guess. For example if your password was “password” and the salt was “hello” it would combine them like “hellopassword” then encrypt that. So even if you did manage to find a collision in the hash (another password that resulted in the same hash) you would not know where the salt ended and the password began or it would be entirely wrong.

This really adds a LOT of security to your passwords by doing this making them very hard to crack. However nothing is impossible. This is all assuming by MySQL passwords we are NOT talking about passwords that are stored in a MySQL database by various things like forums, or your own website but the actual username/password to access the database.

Hacking forums gets tricky.There are many exploits to accomplish this. You can use vulnerabilities such as SQL injection to hijack and dump the database or become the admin.

You can also find xss (cross server exploit). That allows you to run code from outside the site. There is also phishing you could use to trick an admin with rights so you can become them. I mean those in there self are topics of there own

How to find collisions:

We will be updating this section is possible but till than their are excellent resources already available that demonstrate how to create MD5 collsions:

The below video might be somewhat more related to MySQL, but is still relative.

For more information concerns decryption and encryption methods check out our page concerning hashing algorithms. You can also find a lot of information on Wikipedia of course.

25 thoughts on “Decrypt WordPress Passwords”

    1. Thanks for the comment Adam your completely correct WordPress does use salted hashes which makes passwords much more difficult to crack. Not sure what you mean by “I don’t think it’ll help much!”. Do you mean that you don’t think salted hashes would help a whole lot as far as security is concerned?

    1. you create a password using wp encript then it will genrate some code then copied it and paste in your database and refresh it, then use that password,,,

  1. If you want me to recover your WordPress site email me, jwilson0 at ymail dot com

    I do not want to help hackers but email me and if you are the genuine owner of the site I will get you in.

    I can also help if your WordPress side has been hacked.

  2. Anymore sites? cant seem to get any of the ones I have decrypted..
    I usually use hashkiller for sql but wp hashes seem to be harder..

  3. Please i need your help
    i’ve tried so much websites but none of them able to crack it.
    its a password of a pretty big website 🙂 please please

  4. My approach whenever I forgot WP passwords is to just go into phpMyAdmin and replace the password hash with another one that I copy from a WP install from which I know my password.
    But if you don’t have another WP website from which to copy the hashed password, just install one somewere just to be able to copy it.

    Regarding the salted hashes: I copy hashed passwords from WP installs with different or no salts and still works. Isn’t the salt used in the encription/decription process?

  5. For whoever needs WordPress password decrypted:


    Instead, replace your hash with this hash:

    when go to your WP login screen and input this password:

    After you log in, you will be able to change your password with whatever you want.

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