Emergency Virus Guide

Emergency Virus Guide

DISCLAIMER: This guide might require more technical knowledge than the below average PC or Computer user. If you don’t understand what RAM stands for or HDD than you might want a more technically inclined friend to help with the reviewing of this guide.

The Situation (Your Situation)

  • Random music playing in the background.
  • High constant CPU usage due to programs being opened without consent.
  • Virus protection going off like crazy to keep you alive.
  • Worried about personal information, and files.
  • Went to a site that might of installed Malware on my computer.
  • Registry infected?

Solution (ComboFix + Other Software)



Combofix is an excellent second to the last line of defense against viruses, and crazy Malware.

To use the program you download it from a reputable source first off for example here: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/

Before you start the program make sure you disable your virus protection. By disable usually anti-virus software has some kind of “Real Time Protection” enabled which you will need to disable for Combofix to work correctly. If you do not disable it Combofix could not work correctly, and in fact might cause damage to the filesystem.

The below video shows how to use Combofix to help restore a computer that is heavily infected.



This incredible software helps get rid of dangerous files, and programs, as well as unwanted ones. Examples of unwanted programs would be things like shopping programs that a website installed on your computer without your consent. While the website you visited has no intent on stealing your personal information they are certainly  up to go no good install such crap on your computer without consent.


RKill is a pieace of software that will attempt to terminate KNOWN malware processes. The program is simple and straight forward you can download from here: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/



With these three pieces of software just about anyone can cure a computer of its virus problem. Their is really no particular order you have to use these programs in but my personal recommendation would be the below order.

  • Malwarebytes (Run full scans WITH TRIAL activated.)
  • RKill
  • Combofix

After you have cleared a heavily infected system the best route to go is to retrieve all vital information, and program data from the system, and RE-INSTALL the operating system from scratch. The reason for this is because you will likely have remnants sometimes laying around on your system that could potentially reconstruct themselves later on. Though with proper protection if anything does re-emerge you can handle it properly.

I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope I helped someone cure their computer’s problems.

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