KeePass 2 Quick Setup Guide

keepass2KeePass 2
Quick Setup Guide

KeePass 2 is a lightweight software designed to help you keep your passwords safe among other things.


So if your here or got this far you either want to learn more about KeePass 2 or simply want to know how to use it. Well for starters it looks like the above image after opened and a database is established which we will go over.

Your First Database – (After Initial Install)

After the initial install, and configuration you will likely want to create your first database. Once you start the program you go to “File” in the top left choose a name for your database for this article I choose “test”. For my actual database I simply made one called “master”.


 Composite Master Key

On the below image you have a few options here to secure your database. You can choose a combination between a password, a keyfile, and or the Windows user account. I simply did the password because yes my database is important to me, but I don’t feel like I need the other security options.


 Database Settings

Database Settings is where you can pick the internal name of your database add a description, and edit a few other more in depth options. For most people though the default will be fine. So you can just click “OK” on this part.


 Add Entry

After everything is said and done click a category on the left than in the right side section right click, and select add entry this will allow you to type in all the information related to the your entry. This makes it very easy to organize and secure all your passwords.


I hope you all enjoyed my quick and simple set-up guide for KeePass 2.

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