KeePass 2 Quick Setup Guide

keepass2KeePass 2
Quick Setup Guide

KeePass 2 is a lightweight software designed to help you keep your passwords safe among other things.


So if your here or got this far you either want to learn more about KeePass 2 or simply want to know how to use it. Well for starters it looks like the above image after opened and a database is established which we will go over.

Your First Database – (After Initial Install)

After the initial install, and configuration you will likely want to create your first database. Once you start the program you go to “File” in the top left choose a name for your database for this article I choose “test”. For my actual database I simply made one called “master”.


 Composite Master Key

On the below image you have a few options here to secure your database. You can choose a combination between a password, a keyfile, and or the Windows user account. I simply did the password because yes my database is important to me, but I don’t feel like I need the other security options.


 Database Settings

Database Settings is where you can pick the internal name of your database add a description, and edit a few other more in depth options. For most people though the default will be fine. So you can just click “OK” on this part.


 Add Entry

After everything is said and done click a category on the left than in the right side section right click, and select add entry this will allow you to type in all the information related to the your entry. This makes it very easy to organize and secure all your passwords.


I hope you all enjoyed my quick and simple set-up guide for KeePass 2.

CCleaner Guide


CCleaner (Free Edition)

The Guide

CCleaner is one of the many tools I use to maintain my computer’s integrity. CCleaner is a lightweight piece of software aimed at removing junk from your computer, and maintaining registry integrity. The free edition has always been enough for me and I see no reason to upgrade, but many make the move to upgrade due to the extra features, but this article will focus only on what the free edition can do and how it can help you.


So first lets take a look at what you will see after you install CCleaner.


The Cleaner Tab


So when you start the program you will be on the Cleaner tab. Here you can go through and check everything you want to be cleaned or otherwise be deleted because in the computer world cleaning is usually deleting. I myself as you see in the above screenshot check every thing in the Windows tab and the Applications tab except for any boxes on Google Chrome located in the Applications tab. I also DO NOT check the “Wipe Free Space” box located on the Windows tab at the very bottom. You should never have to use this option unless you have files that you “deleted” that you never want to be recovered since when you delete a file you don’t actually “delete” it. You simply instruct windows that where that file was once located can now be overwritten with other data so eventually the file will be unrecoverable. Last but not least when your ready to clean you can click “Run Cleaner” I usually never analyze unless I’m using the program on someone else’s computer.

The Registry Tab


The Registry tab allowed you to remove entries from your computer’s registry which have become invalid, or have issues related to what they refer to. This is essentially one of the reasons the Windows OS slows down over time among other things such as your hard disk being too full or very old age. I find it best to check EVERY box on this tab and than scan for issues. After the scan is complete you can elect to “Fix selected issues…”. It will ask you if you would like to back-up your registry entries you are about to delete in-case a problem accrues you can go to the file you backed up and double click it to add the deleted registry entries back into your registry. I usually say no to this option simply because I’m a risk taker, and I’ve actually never experienced a problem with deleting registry entries CCleaner has detected. This coupled with Window’s internal “Self Healing” you should not run into a problem. After you have deleted all registry issues than you might start seeing an improvement in performance especially if you have never done this. In the screenshot I took I only had 19 problems, but when I first used CCleaner I had over 1,000 problems. Removed the invalid registry entries allowed my computer to navigate the registry quicker with less entries thus speeding my computer up.

The Tools Tab


The gist of this tab

The tools tab is a very useful tab but if your a computer guru you already know that the tools included in this tab are essentially all things you can find in Windows by default be consolidated in this program all in one easy to find place. However if I need to uninstall a program or modify my start-up programs I usually open CCleaner and use this tools tab simply because it is easier.


To you got a few options here the Uninstall tab which should be pretty straight forward the big advantage here is that you can rename and delete entries this is useful if a program is in fact uninstalled but the entry will not remove itself from the uninstall list.


This tab allows you to enable, disable, and delete the entries telling which programs to start when Windows starts. If you can stop a program from starting by doing it through the programs preferences its best to do it there but you can also do it in CCleaner if you wish. Some more need things about this tab is it allows you to see what schedules task will be running, and can enable, disable, and delete applications from starting in other programs like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and so on. You can even modify the Context Menu which is the menu that appears when you right click with your mouse.

The File Finder

Well this one is pretty straight forward specify your options and it will search the elected locations for files matching those parameters.

System Restore

This tab allows you to pick restore points, and roll back to that restore point. I usually have restore points disabled to have more storage space.

Driver Wiper

This tab should be used with extreme caution. This tab allows you to wipe free space or completely remove all data from a storage location. It also gives you a very unique options list called “Security”. This allows you to pick how many “delete” passes or overwrite passes it will make on the same sectors to make sure the data is deleted. Essentially if you have a USB drive with data that must be deleted, and never recovered not even by the leading data recovery forensic scientist than choosing the highest option will make sure nothing on the drive will ever be recovered.

I hope you enjoyed my article about CCleaner, and as always come back to see us and check for new updates, articles, guides, and downloads.

5 ways to squeeze more space out of your Hard Drive

5 ways to squeeze more space out of your Hard Drive

We compiled a list of the 5 best ways we think you can improve the amount of space you have on your hard drive. While we can’t tell you how to physically increase your limit which is currently impossible. We can help you squeeze the most out of your HDD.

  1. My first recommendation is do some spring cleaning by download a program called CCLeaner. This excellent little program can free up literally over a hundred gigs on a computer if its that badly cluttered and even make it run faster by removing unneeded files. Beyond this also delete files you do not need any more.
  2. Online file storage yes its very useful. Well computer failure can happen at any moment so it is best to always have at least a backup of important files. Google Drive is the perfect solution. You install it sign in and all it does is creates a “Google Drive” folder that you place files into and they are synchronized to your online account. Files you delete are also removed so treat it as a normal folder, but the benefit is anything in this folder is also available from your Google Drive on your Google+ account wherever you go and you can be rest assured Google will protect your important data. Though if your trying to save disk space you can go into your settings and allow files to be uploaded to your account, but not deleted if you remove them from your Google Drive folder on your desktop or wherever you have it. 15 Gigabytes for free which is plenty of storage for all your important documents and files.
  3. Turn off system restore! Unless you really feel like you will need it system restore will eat up a GIGANTIC portion of your disk space, and if you have a bad virus come along won’t exactly help you fix the problem but more likely give you more headaches. I’ve use it in the past and was let down each time. To turn it off go to the start menu, right click my computer and go to properties. From here click system protection on the left hand column. From this screen you can see all your drives and if system restore is turned on or not. It likely is turned on for your main drive you can either reduce the disk space it is allowed to use or turn it off. I recommend turning it off. Your computer might appear to freeze after you click “OK” to turn it off, but its actually removing all the data it has accumulated. Depending on your computer this could free up a few gigs to almost twenty or more.
  4. Assuming you have more than one hard drive you can compress an entire hard drive to save disk space. This however will significantly reduce performance on this drive, and should only be used on back-up drives. You can do this by going to my computer right clicking the drive you want to compress than click properties and than click “Compress this disk drive to save space”. This will free up some space by compressing everything on the drive but as mentioned it will reduce performance on the drive as every file accessed will have to be uncompressed to use.
  5. Create RAR archives of files you want but don’t use often. If your like me every once and awhile you just create a folder called “Storage” and give it a date in the title or something. Than you throw a bunch of stuff in it and put it on your external or in the corner of your desktop or what have you. Well a great way to save disk space is to compress these specific archives. Depending on the types of files in the archive this can save you loads of space! You can download WinRAR from here.

How to download YouTube videos without software!

Download YouTube Videos | No Software Required (MP4 / FLV / WebM)

h264logoSo you want to download YouTube videos without any software you say? We can help!

Just follow this example below to download YouTube videos.

Normal YouTube Video Address:
Downloadable Address (Just add "ss" in front of "youtube" so it reads "ssyoutube")

Alternatively you can use

MD5Live News Update

This is just a quick update to let everyone know what happened yesterday. We went offline for 24 hours due to CPU usage getting too high with our host. We modified our plugins, and added some great ones that should reduce our usage and your load time.

Google & YouTube Easter Eggs & Cool Features


Google & Youtube’s hidden easter eggs.

MD5Live is not just about Bitcoin we are also about technology and interesting stories. So every once in awhile Google likes to change their logo to reflect times of year, famous birthdays, and sometimes just to have a little fun they change it to something you think is serious. Since Google owns Youtube these Easter eggs also flow through Youtube. One of the most notable is Missile Command. If you click the white space beside the video than type in 1980 in sequence a game will appear above the video allowing you to play classic Missile Command game.

Missle Command (Youtube Easter Egg)

Type 1980 after clicking the white space beside the video to play.



The Youtube Easter egg code 1337 no longer works for some unknown reason.


If you go to the search bar on Youtube and type in “/ geekweek” without the quote symbols YouTube will transform into a what seems to be Unix.

Google itself has also done a few things especially during April fools. One of my personal favorites is when they introduced internet through the toilet. When I was younger I thought this was totally serious.

Google TiSP (Toilet Internet Service Provider)


Check out this video for the top 17 coolest Google Easter eggs I have a tried a few and they really do work not all of them though I failed to have the Chuck Norris one work.

So if you know of more Easter eggs go ahead and comment below and let everyone know about them so they can try them out and remember 1337 no longer works and if you see it commented on video they have achieved epic fail status.

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