If your unsure of which to use than your in the right place.

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RGB – Red, Green, Blue

RGB is an additive coloring method. These three colors can form any color in existence, but the problem is that ink cartridges do not come in RGB.

RBG is the color scheme that is associated with electronic displays such as CRT, and LCD monitors, digital cameras, and scanners.

RGB is an additive type of color scheme. It combines all three primary colors together (red, green, and blue) in various degrees to create a variety of different colors. For example white is when all three colors are combined together. When they are applied together at the lowest degree possible you get black.

Many photo editing software’s use RGB because it offers the widest range of colors to choose from. This is why you never see CMYK used in digital applications that are not designed to ever touch paper.

Pro tip: Photoshop (Raster Graphics) – Defaults to RGB

Pro tip: To avoid any discoloration when printing something make sure to convert the color mode of your image to CMYK before printing. If it is for something simple though usually the computer can handle the conversion and print what you see on screen just fine.

CMYK – Cyan, Magneta, Yellow, Black

CMYK is a subtractive coloring method. Printers print in CMYK mode even if the image your printing is in RGB. CMYK is a four color mode that uses the colors of cyan, magneta, yellow, and black together in all different degrees to create the desired colors.

It is a subtractive process, which means that each additional unique color means more light is removed, or absorbed, to create colors.

When the first three colors are added together you do not get black, but actually a very dark brown. The fourth color black is used to completely remove light from the printed picture so you perceive that area as black.

Pro tip: Adobe Illustrator (Vector Graphics) – Defaults to CMYK

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