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Command & Conquer Inspired Tesla Tower

Command & Conquer Inspired Tesla Tower Prototype

Command & Conquer Inspired Tesla Tower

Created in Blender & Textured in Quixel

Today I would like to share what I have created using Blender3D and the Quixel texturing suite. Using just default materials from the Quixel suite, and lots of modelling in Blender I created what I envision was an early Tesla Tower prototype in the C&C or Command & Conquer universe. I hope you like it, and always please comment if you like it. It might not be perfect, but I am always trying to improve.

My trade is computer networking so doing 3D is not my primary job. With that said if your very impressed with my work and want to commission me I must decline in advance as far as the date of this post is concerned.

C&C Inspired Tesla Tower
by David Prentice
on Sketchfab

Going a little further into how I developed this object I’ll show you the low and the high poly from Blender3D.

Here is the low poly:


Here is the high poly:


The reason its colored all crazy is because I created a color ID map that I baked out for use with the Quixel software in order to apply the materials properly. This is best done in Blender3D using the Blender Internal render engine rather than cycles due to the simplistic nature of the Blender Render, and since your only using the internal to create 3 maps (normal, ao, and id) you don’t need what cycles offers :).

Switching to Blender 3D

Switching to Blender 3D

Blender Logo

So it is no surprise that you might of heard of Blender 3D from a long time ago. Well if your like me you tried it a few years ago and realized the interface, and everything about it was difficult or un-orthodoxe. All that actually changed in about 2012-2013.

I’m am not 100% sure that my time estimation is correct but several years ago development on Blender 3D was ramped up. Many things changed the UI, the tools, a new render engine, everything is, and has improved.

Now if you use Blender 3D you are greeted with a much less intimidating interface. Using it now I don’t think I’ll ever honestly be able to look at Cinema4D the same again.

Everything from 3D modelling, texturing, and UV Unwrapping is in fact easier than it ever was in Cinema4D. Thinking back I can’t really think of anything Cinema4D did better besides have a simpler interface, and smaller learning curve than Maya/Max.  Other than that simple fact I probably will have little use for the software now.

If you look up historical posts related to Blender3D you will find that many people say the program is hard to use, and has a steep learning curve which way back when it did. Now not so much.

Now its more about learning the hot keys to increase your efficiency with the program as every command can be selected from a menu or searched using the search command. If you want speed though you will know the hotkeys which are pretty intuitive.

To open search you press Spacebar. Simple enough how about save? CTRL + S just as you expected. How about extrude? – You press E. How about extruding along several face normals? You press ALT + E like “Alternative Extrude”. Also often times the hotkeys will display if you highlight the commands. The best way to learn the hotkeys in my experience though as been through watching tutorials.

You won’t LEARN the hotkeys by just watching tutorials forever eventually you need to pause the video, and practise those commands, and they will stick to your memory. In Cinema4D I don’t think I can tell you a single command I remember.

TL;DR: I decided to give Blender 3D another look to see if it changed, and it did. I decided to give up Cinema4D and become a dedicated Blender user.

Note: I don’t do 3D work for a living.