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TOTD (Determining The Root of Hard-Drive Failure(s))

Determining The Root of Hard-Drive Failure(s)

I really wish I had a picture of my old PSU (Power Supply Unit) from my computer. Needless to say every hard-drive I threw at it died. The reason MY PSU was killing my hard drives is because it was spiking on the rails during certain operations. For example sometimes I felt like it would freeze on start-up, and hold the power button after about 10 minutes of waiting for it to start up on its own to force it to shut-down and start it up again. During this forceful shutdown process is when it killed my drive due to the PSU spiking voltages on the rails during this time.

The result of these voltage spikes was the click of death.

This resulted in the hard-drives I had no longer being recognized at all rendering them completely useless.

If you have internal hard-drives and want them to live a very long life probably the best things to do is never leave them on an extremely old power supply unit. 5 Years Max. Any longer and your running on lower efficiency equipment that might not be able to handle power fluctuations very well, and eventually “kill” your hard drive or drive(s).

I’ll create more post or expand on how to identify hard-drive failure.