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Switching to Blender 3D

Switching to Blender 3D

Blender Logo

So it is no surprise that you might of heard of Blender 3D from a long time ago. Well if your like me you tried it a few years ago and realized the interface, and everything about it was difficult or un-orthodoxe. All that actually changed in about 2012-2013.

I’m am not 100% sure that my time estimation is correct but several years ago development on Blender 3D was ramped up. Many things changed the UI, the tools, a new render engine, everything is, and has improved.

Now if you use Blender 3D you are greeted with a much less intimidating interface. Using it now I don’t think I’ll ever honestly be able to look at Cinema4D the same again.

Everything from 3D modelling, texturing, and UV Unwrapping is in fact easier than it ever was in Cinema4D. Thinking back I can’t really think of anything Cinema4D did better besides have a simpler interface, and smaller learning curve than Maya/Max.  Other than that simple fact I probably will have little use for the software now.

If you look up historical posts related to Blender3D you will find that many people say the program is hard to use, and has a steep learning curve which way back when it did. Now not so much.

Now its more about learning the hot keys to increase your efficiency with the program as every command can be selected from a menu or searched using the search command. If you want speed though you will know the hotkeys which are pretty intuitive.

To open search you press Spacebar. Simple enough how about save? CTRL + S just as you expected. How about extrude? – You press E. How about extruding along several face normals? You press ALT + E like “Alternative Extrude”. Also often times the hotkeys will display if you highlight the commands. The best way to learn the hotkeys in my experience though as been through watching tutorials.

You won’t LEARN the hotkeys by just watching tutorials forever eventually you need to pause the video, and practise those commands, and they will stick to your memory. In Cinema4D I don’t think I can tell you a single command I remember.

TL;DR: I decided to give Blender 3D another look to see if it changed, and it did. I decided to give up Cinema4D and become a dedicated Blender user.

Note: I don’t do 3D work for a living.

Software for generating normal maps

Software for generating normal maps


There are lots of software for generating normal maps, and various other maps needed or wanted so that you can apply them to your models and achieve better visual results.

The problem is that some work better than others, and some cost money while others are free.

Today I’ll be going over a list of a few different software packages I’ve found that seem to be popular, and work well for the intended purposes.


This is a free software package that you can use to create normal maps. It is regularly updated, and is used by lots of professionals.


This is a neat piece of free software that you can use to combine normal maps. I could see this being very handy.

Nvidia Normal Map Creator

I’ve used this tool before and it seems pretty good. I’ve never done anything extensive with it though. It is free in any case.

ssBumpGenerator (Source Engine Only)

This is a free software for creating bump maps in the source engine. (Valve likes to think their special).

NormalMapOnline (Super Cool)

This is one of my favorites. This is a totally free online map generator. It can generate four different types of maps, but sadly it cannot generate maps from photos. The author says he is pretty busy and more donations would help him spend more time to work on it. Otherwise you got to use your own heightmap.


This site has some errors on it, but this is a free software suite for creating various maps.


This is an older piece of software that was created by allegorithmic the guys behind Substance Designer/Painter. It is free software, and it really powerful so it might be worth a look. Note though it is old, and not really support much anymore.

SmartNormal (Online)

This is another online normal map generation tool. This one unlike the other lets you use photos, but as far as I can tell it JUST makes normal maps.

nDo (Not nDo2)

nDo is a powerful normal map creation script for Photoshop.


Out of everything I’ve mentioned the one program I recommend. Which is also the one program I happened to pay for, and is not free, but is pretty cheap is MindTex. It is a very cheap successor (i’d say) to crazybump.

I hope you guys enjoyed my list, and I hope you helped at least one of you guys out. As always please link back to us at http://www.dengan.net/ It helps.

A full list of free textures websites

A full list of free textures websites

free textures
Random free texture from Google images.


So your looking for free textures huh? Well good job you’ve come to the right blog on the right post! Here below is a list of all the best free texture websites. Some might require registration, but only to prevent spam. These sites are listed in random order, and the order on this list does not relate to their quality or importance.


Texture.forrest.cz is a small simple website with some great free textures that you can download right away without registration.


This site has more than just simple textures, and does not require registration. The section you will likely want to visit if your here for textures to use for a 3D environment is the free vector texture page.


Plantextures.com is pretty neat. It does require registration which comes in a the form of a free account or a premium account. The free account can download 10 textures per day, and 1 brush per day. The premium accounts don’t cost a lot, but with so much free on the internet I wouldn’t bother with anything above the free account.


For the most part this website has some broken links, and seems not that well maintained or designed, but they do have plenty of free textures for the taking.


This is a great website with tons of free textures. You can find just about everything on their site. I highly recommend them!


I frequent this website as it always has something cool, and amazing I can re-use for my own purposes. I highly recommend OGA and suggest you use them.


Texturemate is another great free site. It is a tad bit on the slow side for me, but that might just be because it’s popular and serving so many request. You don’t need an account, and the images are presented in full size.


I’m surprised that I have never heard of this site before until just recently. They have TONS of free textures, vectors, and more. I 100% recommend freepik to everyone.


This is a great site. It offers the ability to download for free, or get a paid membership to download premium textures. I myself though have not found myself in a position where I seen something premium on their site that I just “must have”. I recommend these guys their good, and not crazy about charging.


A website which has a nice handful of free textures. I don’t see any paid options on the site which I suppose is a good thing, and registration is not required which is great also.


This is a blog for a design artist who is nice enough to give lots of very high quality textures away for free without any registration required what so ever… amazing!


I don’t think this site has been updated since 2012, but all the links work, and it has lots of free quality textures you can download without registration.


This is a free site that has tons of free quality textures for free. Registration is not even an option on this site! So go grab some textures the ones I looked at where great so I’m sure any artist will find something they can use.


This highly underrated website has over 4,000 free textures! You can only download 20 textures per day per IP address. If you want to download more textures than you can buy the packs for a very affordable price.


If your looking for a list of great texture websites you’ve probably been to CGTextures before, but still they are a great website and deserve to be included on this list.

They have over 100,000 textures and you CAN register with a free account and download a nice handful of free textures per day. Unlike other sites instead of being limited by the amount of downloads you got left CGTextures does it by bandwidth limits which I think is much better.

Many popular companies, and games have been made using textures from this site. Killzone 2 had most of it’s in game object textured using CGTextures.


Well I really hope you guys liked this list, and enjoy using it to find textures for your projects. I myself will likely refer to my own post to find some textures (I’m terrible with bookmarks).

Anyway I’d really appreciate it if you guys told your friends and what not about this post it really helps when people spread the word!


The Nobiax (3D Model Collection)

The Nobiax (3D Model Collection)

Note everything is originally intact as it was originally downloaded.

Download Now! (839 Megabytes)


If you downloaded my previous post on another website http://www.dengan.net/ (Note the mentioned content was moved to MD5Live.com) than you are now familiar with the quality of Mr Nobiax’s work. This is no exception! He does 3D modelling as well as he does his 3D textures. again the below links are how you can find him online.

If your interested in WinRAR the free zipping and unzipping software here is a link to that software as well.

WinRAR Download Link

Free Textures (Nobiax)

The Nobiax Collection

All in one easy download

Download Now! (1.96 Gigabytes)

Note! All textures were converted to TIFF for MAX compatibility since they were originally TARGA.

The Nobiax Texture Collection
The Nobiax Texture Collection

Nobiax is a great guy and these textures are available because of HIM you can find him at the following links. Please note though I made this download available because it is a pain going through and downloading all his packs individually so I hope I help someone spare some time and bandwidth since I compressed this the best I could with ZIP format. I would of used RAR but I understand that has limited compatibility with some folks who are not as tech inclined like myself.

If your interested in WinRAR the free zipping and unzipping software here is a link to that software as well.

WinRAR Download Link

Free non-intrusive virus protection

Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft Security Logo
The logo for Microsoft Security

If your looking for a free security software that won’t eat up your computers resources look no further than Microsoft Security Essentials. The software is similar to AVG, and other free anti-virus software, but is super simplified.

Their are several ways you can obtain Microsoft Security Essentials, but the easiest way is to just download it directly from the source Microsoft.

Here is the download link: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/security-essentials-download

Once you got the software installed it will initially want to preform a scan after first updating to the latest virus definitions. This is a good idea if you feel like your computer might already be infected.

Microsoft Security Essentials
This is a snap shot of what the program looks like once fully up operational and opened.

Now the great thing about this little piece of software by Microsoft is that it is very simple. You have four tabs.

  • Home
  • Update
  • History
  • Settings

The name of the tabs are pretty self-explanatory, and when you click the tabs you find they are in fact just as simple as the home tab.

The Update Tab

Microsoft Security Essentials Update Tab
Microsoft Security Essentials Update Tab

As you can see the update tab really is just that a tab to see some information and just simply click update.

The History Tab

Microsoft Security Essentials History Tab
Microsoft Security Essentials History Tab

The history tab is a great tab if you are a programmer or deal with the modification of programs. As while programming your program you create could throw some false positives, and you will need to add your files to the allowed items list.

Quarantined or detected items are placed on lock down and so no further action is really needed, but I personally like to just click “Remove All” after reviewing the items to make sure non of them are false positives of course.

The Settings Tab

This tab really does not deserve a picture considering it would take several to cover it anyway.

This tab allows you to:

  • Schedule Scans
  • Modify Default Actions
  • Turn Real Time Protection on or off (Default is ON the program would be red if it is off.)
  • Exclude file locations and type or processes
  • Adjust advanced options for scans removable drives, and allowing for automatic sample submission of detected infections.


This is located in the settings tab and is turned on by default at the basic level. If you your concerned about privacy turn it off. If your not than leave it on or turn it up to advanced. All this setting does is allow Microsoft to get more information about infections so they can further combat them with new updates.

I hope you guys all enjoyed this security recommendation post!