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Don’t buy an HDMI cable in a physical store

Don’t buy an HDMI cable in a physical store

HDMI Cable

You have probably wondered before if that $12.99 eight foot HDMI cable your looking at in the store is worth it. Well guess what almost certainly without a doubt it is not. With the advent of the internet it is really easy to find HDMI cables for almost nothing.

Take for example this 50 Foot HDMI Cable that I bought recently that sold for $23.99. A 50 foot cable in a physical store like Walmart usually will run you well over $50+.

Yes the company you buy your cable from does matter when buying online. Generally in stores like Walmart they stock brands that don’t suck so you don’t have to worry but that is no reason for you to pay for your ignorance.

If price is not a big deal for you than think about this!

  • Ethernet over HDMI (Good luck finding this in Walmart)
  • HDMI 1.4 (In my experience the only way I can tell if a cable can do 1.4 is via an item description online not an in store box).
  • Generally anything over 50 feet is not sold in store (From experience).

With the advent of Ethernet over HDMI this means way less clutter. So if you want an advanced cable you will WANT to buy it online. Amazon pretty much is the go to website for things like this. Especially if you’re an Amazon Prime member you will want to take advantage of the 2 day shipping.

If you are still having doubts about buying cables online versus in store than go out, go to the store whichever it may be, and look at the cables prices. Compare those prices to the ones online and be amazed as you realize the prices online even with shipping cost beat the store prices.

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Do Not Use OnlineStreamBot.COM (SCAM)


Don’t use them they are a scam read below.

Total loss from scam: $59.98

(Yes I know it was wrong for me to try and go down this road, and cheat my way, and I regret trying live and let learn hopefully that is why your here is to learn about this site before you pay(don’).)

So I thought I would try and go to the front of the line, and get ahead on twitch.tv. For under $100 dollars I could have 1,000 followers, and a package to add viewers whenever I wanted! Sounded like a sweet deal, and so I jumped on it as seen in the photos below.

I also actually talk about their service the quality of it (for the short time I actually had an account before it was deleted), and the usage I got out of it. (Scroll past the pictures to read that.)

Followers Order Receipt

These two images below are the pages to the receipt I received for the followers I ordered. While I grayed my account out in the receipt because people are people and even though I’ve created this post to help, and warn people about this scam some asshole will likely report me so yeah. Anyway I  still don’t have 1,000 followers after payment that is the point. To anyone that is wondering I contacted support 1 week after nothing happened, and filed a dispute 1 month after no returned support request, and nothing be done as far as my order(s) being fulfilled.

Followers Order Page 1

Followers Order Page 2So as you can see I did in fact PAY for their SERVICE of 1,000 followers, but Paypal treats it as a digital good, and so I lost my dispute. Shortly after they deleted my account with no refund. I also at the time of the followers order bought the “Pro” Subscription which was than turned into some “Enterprise” bullshit.

“Pro” Subscription Order Receipt

Pro Subscription Page 1


Pro Subscription Page 2

My actual usage and quality of service.

If you don’t like to read my rated for them is 1/10 – Scam status with functionality.


So I did try, and actually use the service for awhile, and what I did discover is their systems worked (sort of). They claimed to be able to deliver viewers. I would add 10 viewers play my game, and wait for them to show up and in fact they never did. At one point I maxed it out and had 200 viewers (according to onlinestreambot), but twitch said 1, and that was because I was viewing myself.


So they had some thing called chatter which are these little automated chat bots that could join your channel (assuming you assigned viewers), and they could not talk or they could talk. The difference in chatters and viewers was the fact the chatters had accounts associated with them. What was very odd was I had more chatters than viewers with their system which I am sure would throw a red flag to anyone real who might of joined my channel.

Channel Views

Can’t say much for this they was not allowing anymore to buy channel views. I might of tried but with this experience now I’m best off never attempting to waste money on such a service again.


Non-existent. Before they deleted my account they added a ticket system, which mine was never answered in the more than 1 month time frame I had my account.

In summary onlinestreambot.com is a scam. Do not buy from them. They will delete your account if you do a Paypal dispute, and you will also lose the Paypal dispute because Paypal considers their “service” a “digital good” no matter how much hard evidence you throw at them. Your best bet is to take them to small claims court if you manage to get their contact information which you can’t because it is hidden.

Also reference: http://www.scamadviser.com/check-website/onlinestreambot.com