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PCI WiFi Adapter VS USB WiFI Adapter

PCI WiFi Adapter VS USB WiFI Adapter

pci-wifi adapter
Image of a PCI-E WiFi adapter card.


Likely you want to enable WiFi access on your desktop or laptop without wireless adapter to eliminate the need for so many cords. Well it is good your here to learn the difference.

PCI WiFi Adapter

I’d like to start this one off by saying if your getting a wireless adapter for your laptop stop reading and just buy a USB dongle you can’t add PCI devices to a laptop.

If your wanting to add wireless to a desktop though that is a different story. PCI devices are much faster than USB devices, and can achieve much greater speeds, and allow for more stable connections. Their raw power, and ability to transfer data is much higher than a USB dongle.

While I say PCI don’t worry if all you have are PCI-E slots most if not all WiFi adapters have this port option available.

Usually these kind of adapters are best if you do a lot of bandwidth intensive task, and game a lot. Their price is not bad either considering they range from $10~$100 dollars. The more you pay the better off you are though. At $10 your probably looking at B/G wireless adapters which will max out at 54mbps which for more people is good enough, and perfectly fine for gaming or YouTube. If you need more though be ready to pay more.

Doing a quick Amazon search you can see the prices aren’t bad. PCI devices are really easy to install too. All you got to do is open the side of your computer see which slot it fits, and than identify that slot if it exist on your motherboard. These days they are usually marked on the board as well in white text. You can also look online using Google image search.

USB WiFi Adapter (Dongle)

Depending on who you go with, and what speeds your looking for these range from just a few bucks to $40+ according to Amazon. The main thing with USB Wifi Adapters is that they are convenient, pretty fast, and very portable. If your laptop’s WiFi adapter burns out a cheap USB Wifi Adapter is the best option rather than getting it repaired.

USB Adapters are great for space too. Usually people who are working on small projects with Raspberry Pi devices use these to give their devices WiFi capability.

The downside to USB WiFi adapters are signal range, and the fact they usually max out at 300mbps on the market. Anything above 300mbps starts to get expensive.


If your looking for convenience, or need a laptop WiFi replacement than get a USB WiFi adapter. If your using a desktop than I would recommend a PCI or PCI-E WiFi adapter card which are relativity cheap, and easy to install.

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PCI/PCI-E WiFi Adapter

USB WiFi Adapter

Free non-intrusive virus protection

Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft Security Logo
The logo for Microsoft Security

If your looking for a free security software that won’t eat up your computers resources look no further than Microsoft Security Essentials. The software is similar to AVG, and other free anti-virus software, but is super simplified.

Their are several ways you can obtain Microsoft Security Essentials, but the easiest way is to just download it directly from the source Microsoft.

Here is the download link: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/security-essentials-download

Once you got the software installed it will initially want to preform a scan after first updating to the latest virus definitions. This is a good idea if you feel like your computer might already be infected.

Microsoft Security Essentials
This is a snap shot of what the program looks like once fully up operational and opened.

Now the great thing about this little piece of software by Microsoft is that it is very simple. You have four tabs.

  • Home
  • Update
  • History
  • Settings

The name of the tabs are pretty self-explanatory, and when you click the tabs you find they are in fact just as simple as the home tab.

The Update Tab

Microsoft Security Essentials Update Tab
Microsoft Security Essentials Update Tab

As you can see the update tab really is just that a tab to see some information and just simply click update.

The History Tab

Microsoft Security Essentials History Tab
Microsoft Security Essentials History Tab

The history tab is a great tab if you are a programmer or deal with the modification of programs. As while programming your program you create could throw some false positives, and you will need to add your files to the allowed items list.

Quarantined or detected items are placed on lock down and so no further action is really needed, but I personally like to just click “Remove All” after reviewing the items to make sure non of them are false positives of course.

The Settings Tab

This tab really does not deserve a picture considering it would take several to cover it anyway.

This tab allows you to:

  • Schedule Scans
  • Modify Default Actions
  • Turn Real Time Protection on or off (Default is ON the program would be red if it is off.)
  • Exclude file locations and type or processes
  • Adjust advanced options for scans removable drives, and allowing for automatic sample submission of detected infections.


This is located in the settings tab and is turned on by default at the basic level. If you your concerned about privacy turn it off. If your not than leave it on or turn it up to advanced. All this setting does is allow Microsoft to get more information about infections so they can further combat them with new updates.

I hope you guys all enjoyed this security recommendation post!