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Free Textures (Nobiax)

The Nobiax Collection

All in one easy download

Download Now! (1.96 Gigabytes)

Note! All textures were converted to TIFF for MAX compatibility since they were originally TARGA.

The Nobiax Texture Collection
The Nobiax Texture Collection

Nobiax is a great guy and these textures are available because of HIM you can find him at the following links. Please note though I made this download available because it is a pain going through and downloading all his packs individually so I hope I help someone spare some time and bandwidth since I compressed this the best I could with ZIP format. I would of used RAR but I understand that has limited compatibility with some folks who are not as tech inclined like myself.

If your interested in WinRAR the free zipping and unzipping software here is a link to that software as well.

WinRAR Download Link