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Google & YouTube Easter Eggs & Cool Features


Google & Youtube’s hidden easter eggs.

MD5Live is not just about Bitcoin we are also about technology and interesting stories. So every once in awhile Google likes to change their logo to reflect times of year, famous birthdays, and sometimes just to have a little fun they change it to something you think is serious. Since Google owns Youtube these Easter eggs also flow through Youtube. One of the most notable is Missile Command. If you click the white space beside the video than type in 1980 in sequence a game will appear above the video allowing you to play classic Missile Command game.

Missle Command (Youtube Easter Egg)

Type 1980 after clicking the white space beside the video to play.



The Youtube Easter egg code 1337 no longer works for some unknown reason.


If you go to the search bar on Youtube and type in “/ geekweek” without the quote symbols YouTube will transform into a what seems to be Unix.

Google itself has also done a few things especially during April fools. One of my personal favorites is when they introduced internet through the toilet. When I was younger I thought this was totally serious.

Google TiSP (Toilet Internet Service Provider)



Check out this video for the top 17 coolest Google Easter eggs I have a tried a few and they really do work not all of them though I failed to have the Chuck Norris one work.

So if you know of more Easter eggs go ahead and comment below and let everyone know about them so they can try them out and remember 1337 no longer works and if you see it commented on video they have achieved epic fail status.