How to view hidden files, folders, and display extensions

How to view hidden files, folders, and display extensions

hidden files

This is actually a lot easier than you might think. Their are a lot of reasons to enable these options and view these hidden files, folders, and extensions. If you work with CODE or graphics often times you might find yourself changing extensions or looking for something you can’t find. Starting below we have a step by step guide on how to do these things.

View Hidden Files, Folders, and Extensions:

Step 1 go to control panel by clicking the start menu icon than clicking “Control Panel”. After that you will than click “Appearance and Personalization”.

control-panelStep 2 click folder options

folder-optionsStep 3 click the view tab


Step 4 (This does not require a picture)

As you see on the above picture you can click “Show hidden files, and folders, and drives”. Once you click on that you can view all those hidden files, and folders on your computer.

View Extensions:

To view extensions you just have to uncheck “Hide extensions for know file types” as seen in the above picture. Once all these tasks are complete than you have completed your missions, and can move on to better things.

I hope this guide helped you guys, and as always check back here at for more stories, reviews, tips, tricks, and more!


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